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by Edgar Pimienta
Ilustraciones de construcciones que implementan el mural como elemento importante en su fachada Amante Brew Co. La Cenaduría. Restaurant + Galería de Arte Bjaus. Café + Cerveza Kassa Coffee Co. El Nuevo Japón IIC Museo UABC The Wok. Cocina + Bar Studio 36 Tattoo Colective Anahuac Dragon La Pizzeria Mx.
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Quick Sketch & Concept for a Lebanese Restaurant.
Maya Hayek by Maya Hayek
Conceptual sketches for Garage Beirut restaurant, in downtown Montreal.
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Fall 2015 / Spring 2016 Portfolio
Curtis Vice by Curtis Vice
Three projects from the past year showing my skill set with product design concepts, 3D modeling, and rendering.
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VIBRANCE Smart Watch Band
Curtis Vice by Curtis Vice
VIBRANCE is a smart watch band that allows for deaf people to be able to experience music on the go through tactile vibrations and visual color synthesizing on the display around the watch band. Title Design Goal / Product Research Target Market / Ideation Sketches Building Process / Final Model Orthographics / User Interface Renderings…
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Trident gum
Bradford Waugh by Bradford Waugh
Mondelez (makers of Trident/Dentyne) felt their packaging for their car cups was no longer staying competitive in the market. Their package was perceived to look unathletic. There were also concerns that their lid did not offer the same utility as others on the market. Competitive Innovation brought us in to help generate ideas and work…
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iWinks Lucid dreaming
Bradford Waugh by Bradford Waugh
We were approached by the client with a CAD model and small budget to redesign and update their look. We offered two looks, a revision cycle, and CAD services.
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ETC Barany chair
Bradford Waugh by Bradford Waugh
The Barany chair or Bárány chair, named for the Hungarian physiologist Bárány Róbert, is a device used for aerospace physiology training, particularly for student pilots. The subject is placed in the chair, blindfolded, then spun about the vertical axis while keeping his head upright or tilted forward or to the side At ETC, they do…
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ETC Corporate Signage
Bradford Waugh by Bradford Waugh
ETC was in the process of updating their brand and offices so their signage was up for a redesign as well. The challenge was we could not extend the signage much beyond it’s initial shape nor could we remove the old sign. After getting a look at our very stringent constraints we started looking at…
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Paris, I love you!
Olga Pochueva by Olga Pochueva
Parisian style living room Classsic style living room Classic style living room Classic style hall Classic style living room
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Canadian Legion Bar
Design Republika by Design Republika
Legion Bar Concept for a client located in Nunavut, Canada
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